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The Commercial Division of Rescue Roofer, Inc.

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Commercial Building Owners & Managers

65% of the roof repairs we've seen didn't need to happen.


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What You'll Learn


Webinar Info

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Our 39 minute webinar was a huge success!

Learn how to spot roof damage BEFORE it becomes a problem in this free webinar download!

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(As Often as Roofers Want You to Believe)

You Don't Need a New Roof

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Parallel Lines

Learn from over a half century of roofing knowledge and experience.

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What You'll Learn

 What You'll Learn

in Just 39 Minutes!


 The Challenge

Building owners and managers face decisions every day that affect the profitability of their commercial building.

Maintenance decisions are among the hardest to make.
You have to invest in your property, but you can’t break the bank.

Knowledge is king. Guidance is crucial.


The Solution

In this webinar series, you will increase your roofing knowledge, so you know:

  • What to look for.

  • The questions you have to ask.

  • How to not allow a contractor to pull a fast one on you.


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Roofers want to replace your roof but often it’s not necessary, so you throw money out the window.

If you are a property manager, your clients rely on your advice. Saving them money is your #1 job.

This webinar series will put you in the driver's seat, give you confidence and SAVE YOU MONEY!

All of this valuable education in just 39 minutes!


The Community

Our knowledge and experience are only part of the benefits you will enjoy with Rescue Roofer's Roofus Protection. 

Our growing community of building owners and managers is here to support you. Our events throughout the year and regular webinars allow you to interact with other commercial professionals for added value and peace of mind.

There is absolutely no charge, so start with this webinar to begin building valuable relationships immediately.

Don’t Delay... Download Today!

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