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Roofus Registered - Free Priority Service List

When it rains, it doesn't have to pour when you're Roofus Registered.

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Roofus Registered - Free Priority Service List

When it rains, it doesn't have to pour when you're Roofus Registered.


Roofus Registered gives local Property & Facility Managers exclusive, priority access to Orange County’s most reliable roofer.

Parallel Lines

The rainy season is the most expensive time to repair your roof.

Don't get left out in the rain!

When you’re Roofus Registered, once that leak seems to appear out of nowhere, you won’t have to worry about calling every roofer in town for availability.

Being Roofus Registered puts you on our priority service list.. 100% FREE!!


"Why Should I Get an Inspection Now?

It Isn't Even Raining!"


 The Reality

Your roof can still suffer serious damage when it isn't raining.

Many people don't realize that even when there isn't rain, factors

like heat, humidity, and AC condensation can still cause damage

to your roof throughout the year.

Rain doesn't always create leaks, but it always EXPOSES them.


The Solution

What's the key to making sure you never get hung out to dry when you need a roofer?


The solution is... being proactive!

Small openings are created on your roof all the time, and over time those openings grow into larger and larger holes that cause more and more damage to your roof. Until it rains, you never know!


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What this means is:

  • In California, roofers become incredibly busy once the rain comes in. You'll have an very hard time​ finding an available roofer in the rainy season.

  • Waiting until you see a leak is the worst time to have someone inspect your roof.

    • By the time a leak is visible, that water has already caused a lot of damage to your water-protecting underlayment and the wood structure.



If you wait until it rains before you call a roofer, you'll be in a

long line because every other property owner has done the same.

Catching these small openings before they grow into roof-destroying problems is the single best way you can save money on maintaining your property.

Call us today to set a free commercial inspection and have the peace of mind that your roof isn't going to cost you thousands in unnecessary repairs.


The Community

Our knowledge and experience are only part of the benefits you will enjoy with Rescue Roofer's Roofus Protection. 

Our growing community of building owners and managers is here to support you. Our events throughout the year and regular webinars allow you to interact with other commercial professionals for added value and peace of mind.

There is absolutely no charge, so start with your free inspection to begin building valuable relationships immediately.

Don’t Delay... Schedule Today!