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Serving Orange County - Roof Repair and Maintenance at Your Speed of Need

Roofus Protection Commercial

Commercial Roof Repair Service in Orange County

When roofing issues happen,

there's no time to waste.


                                    Just one Quick Call,

                    For a Quick Solution,

     And Your Roofing Project is

            Off Your Plate, Quickly!

We Offer Two Services for Commercial Maintenance Roof Repair in Orange County

Extend the Life of Your Roof &Help You Spend Less Time and Frustration on Roofing Projects

When roofing

issues cause


we're ready to

go at your

Speed of Need.


No one wants to deal with a roof leak. 

There’s just no time!

Rescue Roofer understands that roof leaks need to be addressed and handled as quickly as possible. 


Therefore, our dedicated team of service technicians is here to solve your problem... NOW!!

Here’s how our Quick Repair service works:

  • When your need arises, we

schedule your service call within

a 1-hour window so you don’t

have to wait around for our

technician all day.

  • We get the diagnosis right because

our Field Service Technician is a

certified and experienced roofer,

not a salesperson or estimator.

  • Our technician calls you when

he’s 20-30 minutes away for

additional convenience.

  • We show up in our Warehouse

on Wheels ready to fix your issue

or make your roof watertight if

rain is in the forecast.

You are assigned a professional Roofing Account Manager dedicated to your roof

for questions, suggestions, estimates, and long-term support.


Your dedicated Roofing Account Manager

quick repair and emergency service
  preventative peace of maind service

The savviest

building owners

and managers eliminate

problems before

they happen.


Waiting for your next leak only costs you money in unnecessary repair.


Our team of maintenance experts is your Personalized Roofing Resource Team. Our thorough diagnosis outlines the short and long-term condition of your roof and ensures we’re there when you need us in pinch.


Here’s how our Preventative service works:

  • Our Diagnosis is scheduled in a 1-hour window and our service technician calls when he’s 20-30 minutes away for your convenience.

  • Our field technician is an expert roofer, not a salesperson or estimator.

  • Every aspect of your roof is diagnosed and pictures are taken for your easy understanding.

  • Upon completion of our diagnosis, your dedicated Roofing Account Manager will explain the short and long-term diagnosis of your roof.



Our diagnosis includes the inspection

of the following:

  • Pipes, Vents, and roof penetrations.

  • Scuppers, leader heads/downspouts, drains, and waterways.

  • Rooftop equipment, such as HVAC units, solar panels, exhaust equipment, skylights, etc.

  • Membrane seam evaluation and termination points (the most common cause of leaks on flat roofs).

  • Flashings and coping metal

  • Walls

  • Rodent and pest control and penetrations

Don't wait. Our Quick Repair service is here for you!

Schedule Your Diagnosis and Analysis of Your Roof's Condition.

With the Roofus Protection Plan, you can also enjoy the following exceptional benefits! Here's what you'll receive:


One 4-Phase Roof Inspection.

Clean roof and valleys of debris.

10% OFF material and labor for repairs or roof replacements.

30% OFF Emergency Service Fees

Peace-of-Mind Priority Emergency Service

70% OFF

All for $399


Frequently Asked Questions

 1- Are Rescue Roofer commercial maintenance and roof repair services available for Huntington Beach residents?

Our commercial maintenance and roof repair services are designed for business owners. However, if you are a business owner who owns a multi-unit residence, such as an apartment building, you may avail of our high-quality commercial maintenance and roof repair services available for Huntington Beach, as well as Orange County, businesses. For single-unit residences, you may call 1-888-346-7663 to inquire about a specific annual maintenance plan.

2- Is roof diagnosis free if I sign up for your Irvine commercial roofing preventative service?

Yes. Once you sign up for our Roofus Protection plan, you can enjoy free diagnosis for your roof. Best of all, our service technician will arrive at your location within a 1-hour window and call you 20 to 30 minutes before they arrive at your Irvine business location.

3- Is the one-hour window available for Mission Viejo roofing requests?

Yes. If you need our specialist to arrive within one hour of your call, you may opt for our Dire Emergency Roofing Response. Our service technician will call you 20 to 30 minutes before they arrive at your Mission Viejo location in our Warehouse on Wheels.

4- Can San Clemente commercial roofing clients who signed up for the Roofus Protection Plan include only certain items in their roof inspection? 

To protect your roof for a long time, we recommend you choose the complete 4-Phase Inspection included in the Roofus Protection plan. If you have specific items you need to have us inspect, such as only the rooftop, we may arrange a specific inspection for you. Since this is a unique task, please call us at (949) 369-7663 for San Clemente customers or 1-888-346-7663 for all our other customers in the rest of the country.

5- What is the most common source of leaks found by your Yorba Linda roofing inspections?

Typically, roofing repair services in Yorba Linda and for residents and businesses in Orange County include roofing inspections directly related to the source of the problem. However, the most typical source of leaks is found in membrane seems and termination points. We always recommend checking these for roof types that contain these components.

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