Repair, Instead of Replace.

Your home’s value and integrity depend on the wellbeing of your roof. Rather than replacing your roof immediately, we work to repair the existing structure to extend its lifespan when appropriate.


We understand that not every client is prepared to fully replace a leaking roof, so we offer more affordable repair alternatives whenever possible.

Still not sure if you should repair or replace?

Our 4-Phase Roof Inspection is your answer.

We Value Your Time!

Unlike other roofing companies, Rescue Roofer offers a 1-Hour Arrival Window for repair and restoration services. Your time is valuable, which is why we arrive on time, every time! 

Decisions with peace of mind. 

Once our service technician inspects your roof thoroughly, using our 4-Phase Roof Inspection, our experienced Roofing Advisor explains your repair and restoration options to you. We guarantee that every Rescue Roofer property owner makes an informed, fully-educated decision regarding their home.


No prior knowledge of roofing or construction is required to understand our team’s explanation; rather, we choose clear, simple language that will help you understand each step of our process.