Fast and easy.

We inspect homes on a timeline that works for you, thanks to our expedited inspection service.

Expedited Inspection Service

In real estate, everyone knows that time is money. Rescue Roofer specializes in helping real estate agents obtain thorough, detailed inspection reports—in just 24 hours' time. If you need a completed inspection to close a sale, or move in new tenants, call Rescue Roofer today. 

Don’t wait for another company to return your call, fit you in to their schedule, and take as long as a week to render a report. 

Rescue Roofer is standing by to help in your real estate endeavor—right now.

We are your neighborhood’s roofing specialist. Rather than sending a contractor located hours away, we make sure every region we serve has an elite roofer located near you. You can rest assured that Rescue Roofer’s inspector will be able to respond to your property in record time, carry out a 4-Phase Inspection, and return a detailed, annotated report within 24 hours.