Roof Inspection Orange County California


We use our 4-Phase Roof Inspection to make sure you know everything you need about your property.

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The Only Way to Know Everything About Your Roof.

Once you’ve spoken to our In-House Roofing Advisor, it may be recommended to have Rescue Roofer execute our 4-Phase Roof Inspection. Our highly qualified technician will give you the birds-eye view of your property, including every detail of your roof’s condition.

Our Roof Inspection Report is a 6-7 page detailed explanation of exactly what we discover during our 4-Phase Inspection of your roof. Your report includes photographs of your roof that have been annotated by our roofing specialist with clearly marked call-outs highlighting the exact areas of interest and concern. 

Realtors, please call to schedule our Real Estate Rapid Result Inspection—our only inspection that carries our rapid
24-hour turnaround guarantee!

Our 4-Phase Inspection covers your property’s roof from every angle:

  1. Interior

  2. Attic

  3. Rooftop

  4. Surroundings

While weather beating down on your roof poses obvious threats to your roof’s integrity, it's not the only danger your roof faces. Something as simple as an overhanging branch could be a prime point of entry for damaging pests, including squirrels, rats, mice, and opossums. 

Rescue Roofer guarantees that we will detect any factors that leave your roof at risk, and provide you with a straightforward, easy-to-understand explanation of both the issues as well as your options for fixing them. 

As part of our game-changing customer care, we’re on time, every time.
That’s our pledge to you.