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Roof Inspection Orange County California


We use our 4-Phase Roof Inspection to make sure you know everything you need about your property.

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The Only Way to Know Everything About Your Roof.

Once you’ve spoken to our In-House Roofing Advisor, it may be recommended to have Rescue Roofer execute our 4-Phase Roof Inspection. Our highly qualified technician will give you the birds-eye view of your property, including every detail of your roof’s condition.

Realtors, please call to schedule our Real Estate Rapid Result Inspection—our only inspection that carries our rapid
24-hour turnaround guarantee!

Roof Inspection Services in Orange County, Details

Our 4-Phase Inspection covers your property’s roof from every angle:

  1. Interior

  2. Attic

  3. Rooftop

  4. Surroundings

While weather beating down on your roof poses obvious threats to your roof’s integrity, it's not the only danger your roof faces. Something as simple as an overhanging branch could be a prime point of entry for damaging pests, including squirrels, rats, mice, and opossums. 

Rescue Roofer guarantees that we will detect any factors that leave your roof at risk, and provide you with a straightforward, easy-to-understand explanation of both the issues as well as your options for fixing them. 

As part of our game-changing customer care, we’re on time, every time.
That’s our pledge to you.

Enjoy these massive benefits once you sign up with our roof inspection service:


One 4-Phase Roof Inspection.

Clean roof and valleys of debris.

10% OFF material and labor for repairs or roof replacements.

30% OFF Emergency Service Fees

Peace-of-Mind Priority Emergency Service

70% OFF

All for $399


Frequently Asked Questions

1- Do your Huntington Beach roofing inspections include other items apart from inspecting the interior, attic, rooftop, and surroundings?

Our roofing inspections always include the 4-Phase inspection items. Even if all roofs are unique in Huntington Beach and in homes and businesses throughout the country, our 4-phase inspection items cover every aspect of your roof, from interior, attic, rooftop, and surroundings. If, by any chance, we find something unusual in the design of your roof, we will let you know. We will also point out concerns on how that will affect your roof’s condition. Since we will provide a six-to-seven-page detailed report on what we discover, we will surely add everything that we find.

2- Do your roofing contractors in Irvine CA provide roofing inspection services to realtors?

Most roofing contractors in Irvine, as well as in the rest of Orange County, provide roof inspection services to realtors. However, what sets us apart is our rapid 24-hour turnaround guarantee. Once we make our roof inspections in Irvine and anywhere in Orange County, we will provide a comprehensive report detailing everything we find during our 4-Phase Roof Inspection for realtors. This report will help realtors consider the roofing aspect of their real estate listing, which is vital for their pricing.

3- Do your Mission Viejo roofing services include 4-Phase Inspections with your annual roofing maintenance plan?

Yes! For anywhere in the county, including Mission Viejo residents and business owners, we include our detailed 4-Phase Roof Inspection in our annual roofing maintenance plan. Please visit the Roofus Protection page for more details of the complete package that comes with this plan.

4- Can we include only certain items for roof inspection for San Clemente roofing clients?

To protect your roof for a long time, we recommend you choose the complete 4-Phase Roof Inspection. If you have specific items you need to have us inspect, such as only the rooftop, we may arrange a particular inspection for you. Since this is a unique task, please call us at (949) 369-7663 for San Clemente customers or 1-888-346-7663 for all our other customers in the rest of the county.

5- Do your Yorba Linda roofing services include roofing inspections?

Typically, roofing repair services in Yorba Linda, and for residents and businesses throughout Orange County, include roofing inspections directly related to the source of the problem. However, we provide a separate roof inspection service if you require a formal inspection report to ensure that we cover any factors that leave your roof at risk.

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