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Top Tips on Roofing Repairs For a Drier Spring

Updated: May 15, 2023

April showers may bring May flowers, but the spring rain also brings to head any problems with your shingles, roof vents and chimney. Roofing repairs are best tackled in the months of spring before the contractors get overly busy with installations and more importantly, before the interior of your home becomes damaged from water leaks.

How to Spot Roof Issues

You may be able to spy problems with your roof from the ground. Peeling or cracked shingles could be visible on the valleys of your roof. You may also see missing or broken shingles, tiles or shakes on the edges or from second storey windows.

Most of the major issues, however, cannot be seen from the yard. If you see problems or suspect the attic may be experiencing leaks, flood or even higher levels of condensation than normal, it's a wise idea to bring in a professional roofer to perform an inspection.

The thing is that roofing vents, chimney flashing and the majority of your shingles or shakes cannot be seen very well from afar. Most often roof leaks are found around vents that have deteriorated, flashing that has been damaged or shingles that have peeled, cracked or otherwise worn away. A roofing repair contractor needs to have a closer look in order to properly assess what the problem is and how to correct it.

Watch Out for Scams

Unfortunately, the roofing industry has its share of charlatans. These companies and individuals prey on those homes with minimal damage that is obvious to the homeowner. By dramatizing those small problems they can convince the homeowner to allow them up onto the roof for an inspection or even a repair. The problem is that many of these pushy companies will do little actual repair work on your roof, leaving any leaks and other issues to worsen while still collecting their payment.

It's important that any roofing repair contractors you hire are licensed and established within your area. Check with the local chapter of the Better Business bureau to be sure they have a clean record. If possible, ask around for recommendations from family members and friends who have had roofing projects completed in the recent past. Contact those companies directly to arrange for an inspection.

If a roofer is knocking on doors in your neighborhood it's very likely they will offer you a discounted rate to complete the roofing inspection now. They may even claim to have the materials for the repair on hand and discount those services as well, pressuring you into a quick decision. Remember that a professional roofing company will always be willing and able to return another day with adequate materials and time to service your home properly. That type of reliable and knowledgeable service is valuable and will ensure your roof is fixed properly the first time.

Do You Need to Repair the Roof Right Away?

Spring is typically a rainy season and any problems with your roof are very likely to result in water entering the attic. Often simple roof repairs can be done using patching processes, targeted shingle replacement or roof coating. These will allow you to delay a full roofing replacement for a year or more, while still protecting your home from water damage.

Don't ignore obvious problems with your roofing. If you can see issues from the ground there are very likely more problems up top. Have a reputable and licensed roofing contractor inspect the area and handle any subsequent roofing repair jobs right away to avoid costly water damage. Keep an eye out for high pressure, low quality roofing repair firms that will offer to do the job quick and cheap. They often do little to repair anything and will gladly take your money, still leaving you with a problem. Be wise, do your research and hire an established contractor. Stop the spring rains from making a mess of your attic with necessary roofing repairs.

Posted by: TrustedPros

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