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Tips for Holiday Lights and Decorations on Your Roof

Updated: May 22

Everyone wants to have the best lighting display in the neighborhood and Christmas lights are a big tradition all around the country. Colorado Springs has the advantage of providing a winter landscape that encourages you to leave your lights hanging from the eves of your roof for a few months at least. If you are hanging Christmas lights on your roof then a few tips are in order to make sure you get them on without harming the  structure and integrity of your roof. Enjoy these tips from 7 Summits roofing to get your lights and roof top decorations strung up securely and safely. You will be able to stand back and enjoy the festive look of Christmas lights hanging from your eaves knowing nothing will spark or topple.

Secure Christmas Lights on the Roof Line

Decide on where you want to hang your lights and layout a plan before you begin. Go ahead and measure the roof line where you will hang your lights to decide on how many lights you will need. Hang lights first along eaves, pillars, posts and windows which will give you a base of your Christmas lighting design. You can then use plastic clips to attach your lights to your gutters or roof line over using a nail and hammer. You don’t want to puncture your gutter or damage materials in your roof. Now that you know where you will hang the lights and you have your plastic clips ready to prevent any roofing damage then move on to a few Christmas light safety checks.

Safety Check Lights On The Roof

Electrical problems can occur with holiday lights and cause a fire on your roof. Perform a quick check on your decorations before adding them to the roof and other areas of your home. Prevent fire hazard that could damage your roof by checking for any bad bulbs, frayed electrical lines or lights that seem to flicker. Secure wires to your roof line and gutter with plastic clips so as not to damage any wires. Make sure you are using a grounded power source to prevent any outbreaks of fire or other electrical issues. Check for any cords that are loose or are laying in areas that and could trip someone or be pulled out of the outlets. These lights are hanging on your roof and your home. Be safe and you can enjoy the festive and colorful lighting display without worrying about electrical fires    causing damage to your roof and home. 7 Summits Roofing encourages you to use a spotter when you are on the ladder or on the roof. Your roof can be a slippery slope in the winter. Take extra care and get those larger decorations secure on your roof and get back down to firm ground without any roofing damage or bodily harm.

Secure Christmas Roof Decorations

Placing a decoration on your actual roof top can be daunting but the payoff will be big when you look up and see Santa and his reindeer or a snowman waving to the world. Move cautiously while you are installing decorations on the roof top. Make sure you have wire to secure the decorations and prevent them from toppling over and causing damage which could need a roofing repair professional. Don’t attempt to carry the display up the ladder with you but hoist it up with a rope when you are safely on the roof yourself. Use secure eye bolts an run all wires through to make sure your Christmas display will stand up and stay secure on your roof through potential high winds and heavy. If you are unsure about how to mount Christmas roof decorations without damaging your roof then contact a professional team of Christmas decoration installation experts to ensure that your roof will not be damaged when installing Christmas lights and displays. Once you have installed your lights and displays atop and along your roof sit back and enjoy the beauty of your hard work. A few extra steps and care will mean that your roof will be sound and more beautiful than at any other time of the year.

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