How to Keep Your Metal Roof Healthy by HomeAdvisor

Metal roofing’s low maintenance and long life span make it a popular choice among homeowners. But metal roofing doesn’t come without upkeep. Here’s how to ensure your metal roofing remains in tip-top shape.

Hire a pro. Roof maintenance is dangerous. A professional roofer will have the safety gear and experience necessary to complete your job correctly and without accident.

Have your roof inspected. Weather can weaken your roof’s protective measures.  Call a roofing technician to inspect your roof for leaks and other signs of deterioration. Long-term leaks can weaken your roofing, resulting in an expensive replacement. A pro will spot potential problems and offer solutions.

Trim branches. Falling branches can cause structural damage to your roof and other parts of your home. Tree limbs also drop moisture-trapping leaves and twigs onto your roof. Additional moisture can cause your metal roof to corrode and leak. Call a tree trimming pro to remove any branches near your roof.

Clean your gutters. Clogged gutters collect water and damage the edges of your metal roofing. Inspect your gutters regularly to avoid buildup. If you notice debris in your gutters, hire a pro or tackle the problem yourself.

Learn more about maintenance and how metal holds up in comparison to other roofing materials. Check out our in-depth guide and roof cost calculator.


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