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Determining The True Cost Of A Metal Roof

Updated: May 15

The following information is provided courtesy of The Metal Roofing Alliance, a not-for-profit coalition of metal roofing manufacturers, paint companies, coil coaters, associations and contractors formed to introduce homeowners to the many financial benefits of metal roofing. For more information, visit The Metal Roofing Alliance.

Metal Roofing Costs Less Than Asphalt Roofing Your roof costs you more than just the retail cost of materials and installation. When determining which style of roof, metal vs asphalt shingle, it is important to consider additional costs brought about by other influential factors like:  Life-Cycle Costs, Energy Savings, Insurance Costs and Effects on Home Resale Value.

Life Cycle Costs Planning a roofing project for the coming season? How would you feel about having to do it all over again 10 to 15 years from now?

With metal roofing, you need not worry. Longevity is one of the top reasons consumers report choosing metal roofing for their homes. A metal roof can last as long as fifty years or more, requiring very little maintenance and looking beautiful all the while.

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Since asphalt roofing needs to be replaced 2 - 4 times as often as metal roofing, you really need to multiply not only the initial cost of asphalt roofing materials but also the cost of asphalt roof repairs and re-installation man hours to compare to the typical “once-in-a-lifetime" metal roofing installation.

Energy Savings with Cool Metal Roofing As a homeowner, you should expect that your home be built or renovated with energy-saving materials. Materials that not only secure and improve your home, but also provide long-term savings on energy bills. Metal roofing does just that, saving up to 40% of your annual household energy costs, depending on your geographical region.

  The Benefits of Energy Efficient Metal Roofing

Reflective metal roofing can save your home up to 40% in summer cooling energy costs (as reported by the Cool Metal Roofing Coalition and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory). Highly emissive metal roofs can reduce urban air temperatures by as much as 12°F. 

Find Out How To Save Up To 40% On Energy Costs Contact A Metal Sales Roofing Expert Near You The secret to metal roofing's energy savings is in its variety of finishes. As shown above, the basic, unpainted metal roof will reflect much of the solar radiation usually absorbed in your attic and home by an asphalt roof. 

For homes in warmer climates, pre-painted or granular coated metal roofing systems not only reflect solar energy but also cool your home by re-emitting most of what solar radiation is absorbed. A highly-reflective and highly emissive painted or granular-coated metal roof is optimal for reducing energy consumption and can actually re-emit up to 90% of absorbed solar radiation.

Most metal roofing is composed of recycled material and can be installed directly onto an existing asphalt roof, reducing landfill waste and promoting quick installation as well as decades of environmentally-sound, maintenance-free strength and beauty.

Did you know white-painted metal roofing has the highest solar reflectance value of any roofing product available and can save you up to 40% of your annual energy bills?

Lower Your Insurance with Weather-Resistant Metal Roofing

If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather from time to time, be it hail, heavy wind or forest and canyon fire, you should be aware of the availability of impact-resistant UL Standard 2218 tested metal roofing (classes 1 through 4) and fire-resistant Class A, B and C metal roofing. While important for the safety and security reasons alone, these quality metal roofing products may also earn you discounts on your homeowner's insurance!

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UL 2218 Discounts Available:

Be sure to contact your insurance agency to request information on available discounts. In some areas of the United States, we have heard of discounts of 30% or more - including the UL 2218 discount, which originated in Oakland, CA in 1991 when a house with a steel roof was the only surviving building after a devastating wildfire.

Effects on Home Resale Value

Recoup Up To 95% Of Metal Roof Cost At Resale Contact A Metal Sales Roofing Expert Near You

Have you thought about what will happen when its time to sell your home? This is another point in time when the decisions you make now will impact the cost and recuperation of your investment. Homes with metal roofs saw up to an astonishing 95% of the cost recouped at resale. This is not true of asphalt shingle roofs, which must be replaced and repaired more frequently.

Contact A Metal Sales Roofing Expert Near You

When examining all factors, the purchase of a metal roof is your smartest and most cost-effective decision.

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