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Our team is changing the construction experience.

Our Story

In 1993, two 26 year olds set out on their first entrepreneurial venture in California’s San Fernando Valley. With limited business knowledge but an overabundance of energy and drive, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into but were ready to take on anything in their path.


Then the Northridge Earthquake hit.


The quake all but annihilated their personal homes along with thousands of others in the valley, but there was no time to stew on their personal losses. These young entrepreneurs’ little business went from a sleepy little start-up to an essential public organization. 


Partners Eric Enriquez and Darrin Guttman learned more in the next year than a typical contractor would learn in a decade. Within that first year, their business expanded from the surrounding area in the valley into Orange County.


The first three years were chock full of ups and downs, growing pains and successes; so much so that Darrin questioned if the roofing business was truly for him, and sold out his stake in the company.


Eric and Darrin remained the closest of friends for the next two decades, while Eric continued to grow the roofing business, and Darrin went off to other ventures. Over the next two decades, the two each honed their business skills. Eric, becoming an expert in sales and customer service, while Darrin became passionate about building business systems and teams of quality employees.


Fast forward to 2019. Now older, wiser, and more experienced, the two came back together to continue what they started over 27 years ago. Their mission is to change the construction experience, and they understand that is no small task. They know that people don’t like contractors. They know that contractors tend not to have a good reputation. They came back together to change all of that.


Today, Rescue Roofer is proud to offer the neighborhoods in which we serve a different, and more dependable experience.


Rescue Roofer is proud of two, very important things:


  1. The industry’s most top notch people, and

  2. Policies and procedures to offer the industry’s most thorough and proactive communication.​

Rescue Roofer's mission to change the construction experience has cemented the company as Orange County's premiere roofing service. We've expanded into our second market in Texas and are growing into neighborhoods across the nation.